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Collaborating with talented creators to bring you unique designs that celebrate culture and creativity. Join us in supporting local artistry and showcasing their brilliance to the world! 🌎

Every corner of the world has its own unique style, that's why we scour the globe to find the best local designers and artists. Our goal is to capture designs that truly inspire the authentic culture of each place. Join us in celebrating the diversity of our planet!

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Birth city: Madrid, Spain
Current city: Madrid, Spain

Illustrator, designer, and motion grapher. Started as a designer in the infographics department of El Mundo, then ventured into various studios, production companies, and start-ups

Hobby: delving into the world of surfskate 🛹


Birth city: London, UK
Current city: Madrid, Spain

Brand, web, and UX designer. Started the career at Vanity Fair magazine in London, and has worked in both agencies and client-side

Hobby: exploring skating and hockey 🏒


Birth city: Cali, Colombia
Nationalities: Colombian and Mexican
Current city: Madrid, Spain

Architect, interior designer, and painter. Founder of AMAD Architecture & Design, working with clients across Colombia, Mexico, the United States, and Spain. She paints, designs, and envisions homes and spaces that embrace life

Hobby: painting and illustration


Birth city: Oaxaca, Mexico
Current city: Madrid, Spain

Textile graphic designer, currently focusing on freelance designs.

Hobby: digital illustration and hand embroidery


Birth city: Zaragoza, Spain
Current city: Madrid, Spain

Digital marketing professional with a background in startups and creative strategy.

Hobby: Sculpture, skiing, and traveling

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