T-Shirt Mezcal | Natural raw

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Discover a unique, high-quality white natural t-shirt capturing the essence of mezcal's creation process. Designed by a local artist, it pays tribute to the rich tradition and heritage of mezcal culture. A perfect souvenir or gift for mezcal enthusiasts, supporting local artistry and Mexican tradition.

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The concept

We proudly present a unique and special t-shirt that captures the essence and charm of mezcal through the talent of a local designer. This garment is more than just a t-shirt; it is a true work of art that represents the fascinating process of creating mezcal, offering an unparalleled fashion experience.

Meticulously crafted by a passionate local artist with a deep love for mezcal culture, this t-shirt pays tribute to the rich tradition and heritage of this emblematic Mexican beverage. Every detail in the design has been carefully thought out to convey the magic of the distillation process, from the selection and cultivation of the agave plant to the final distillation that results in the delicious and distinctive flavor of mezcal. The design reflects key elements of the process: the agave plant in all its splendor, the traditional stone oven, the distiller, and the fermented agave hearts. Every time you wear this t-shirt, you will feel a connection to the roots and passion that surround the making of this famous drink.


The quality of this t-shirt is undeniable. Manufactured using the finest materials and techniques, special care has been taken at every production stage to ensure its durability and comfort. The selected fabrics allow proper breathability, making it the perfect companion for any occasion. Additionally, the unique design is printed using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that the colors and design details remain vivid and sharp even after multiple washes.

This t-shirt is more than just a fashion item; it is a declaration of love for mezcal and its culture. Its exclusive design makes it a perfect souvenir, representing an authentic piece of Mexican culture that any mezcal enthusiast would appreciate. It is also an ideal gift for those seeking a unique and meaningful garment to complement their personal style.


When you purchase this t-shirt, you are not only acquiring a piece of clothing but also supporting a talented local designer who has invested time and passion in creating this one-of-a-kind piece. Each purchase contributes to promoting art and creativity within our community.

In summary, this t-shirt is a perfect blend of fashion, culture, and quality. It pays tribute to the process of creating mezcal and is a gem for those who value local artistic expressions. Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone special, this t-shirt will be an exceptional choice that connects you with the essence of mezcal and Mexican tradition. Don't wait any longer and get this marvelous garment that celebrates the magic of mezcal in a unique and unparalleled way.


Oct 19, 2023

Just got my tee from Unknown and I'm impressed. The design, highlighting Ibiza feels like a slice of Spain. The fabric's quality is solid too. A subtle way to show my love for travel. Excited to try more designs soon!


Oct 17, 2023

Received my Unknown tee featuring Velázquez's masterpiece. The design's a subtle nod to art and culture. Material's very good, and I appreciate the unique concept. A tasteful blend of style and appreciation for history.

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