Cap Sunshine | Black Washed

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Embark on a Mediterranean adventure with our exclusive black washed sunset cap, crafted by a local artist captivated by the enchanting sunsets of the Mediterranean. It's more than a cap; it's a sunset crown! Exceptional quality, playful, and ideal for sunset enthusiasts. Elevate your style with a touch of sunset bliss and let the tranquil vibes flow! 🌅😴

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The concept

Step into the serene world with our unique Sunrise Glow Cap, where the magic of Mediterranean dawns steals the spotlight. Crafted by a local artist with a passion for early morning tranquility, it's not just a cap; it's a sunrise crown! Quality that outshines the rest, absolutely delightful, and perfect for sunrise enthusiasts. Elevate your style with a splash of dawn's charm and let the tranquil vibes unfold! A mini fiesta on your head, minus the challenges, just smooth sailing into the daybreak! 🌅⚓

The materials

The craftsmanship of this cap is like a well-orchestrated ballet at sunrise. Constructed with top-tier materials, it ensures durability that can weather any fashion storm and comfort that feels as refreshing as the morning breeze. Its fit is smoother than a serene morning stroll, and the stitching is as precise as nature's artwork, making it a comfy and chic choice for any style expedition. Plus, the design has been imprinted using cutting-edge techniques, ensuring that the sunrise-inspired details remain as vibrant as the Mediterranean morning glow over time. This cap is a treasure for sunrise enthusiasts and the perfect gift for anyone who cherishes moments of tranquil repose. Its unique character makes it a one-of-a-kind and meaningful keepsake for those who appreciate the art of starting the day on a serene note.

The designer

By getting this cap, you're not just acquiring a fantastic fashion piece; you're also supporting a local designer who's deeply in love with the laid-back beauty of dawn's allure. Every purchase sails towards nurturing talent and creativity within our community. In essence, this cap symbolizes the joy of sunrise vibes in a unique and authentic manner. With its superb quality and exclusive design, it's perfect for personal indulgence or as a thoughtful gift for mates and loved ones. Join our early risers' crew and carry a piece of the tranquil sunrise culture with this fantastic hat that celebrates the art of starting the day in a special way. 🌄⚓


Oct 19, 2023

Just got my tee from Unknown and I'm impressed. The design, highlighting Ibiza feels like a slice of Spain. The fabric's quality is solid too. A subtle way to show my love for travel. Excited to try more designs soon!


Oct 17, 2023

Received my Unknown tee featuring Velázquez's masterpiece. The design's a subtle nod to art and culture. Material's very good, and I appreciate the unique concept. A tasteful blend of style and appreciation for history.

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