Cap Mezcal Club | Red Washed

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Embark on an agave-infused journey with our exclusive red washed Mezcal Cap. It's more than a cap; it's a mezcal crown! Exceptional quality, playful, and ideal for mezcal enthusiasts alike. Elevate your style with a touch of sunset bliss and let the tranquil agave vibes flow!

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The concept

Immerse yourself in the chill world with our unique Mezcal Enthusiast Cap, where the agave plant, the heart of mezcal, takes center stage. Crafted by a local artist passionate about the art of mezcal, it's not just a cap; it's a mezcal crown! Quality that stands out, absolutely delightful, and perfect for mezcal enthusiasts. Elevate your style with a touch of mezcal charm and let the agave vibes unfold! A mini fiesta on your head, without the hurdles, just smooth sipping! 🌵🥃

The materials

The craftsmanship of this cap is like a well-blended mezcal navigating the fashion scene. Constructed with top-tier materials, it ensures durability that can handle any fashion fiesta, and comfort that feels like a sip of smooth mezcal. Its fit is as smooth as the agave's leaves, and the stitching is as precise as a mezcal maestro's technique, making it a comfy and chic choice for any style escapade. Plus, the design has been imprinted using cutting-edge techniques, ensuring that the mezcal-inspired details remain as vibrant as the agave fields over time. This cap is a treasure for mezcal enthusiasts and the perfect gift for anyone who savors moments of laid-back enjoyment. Its unique character makes it a one-of-a-kind and meaningful keepsake for those who appreciate the art of mezcal relaxation.

The designer

By getting this cap, you're not just snagging a fantastic fashion piece; you're also supporting a local designer infatuated with the smooth allure of mezcal culture. Every purchase contributes to nurturing talent and creativity within our community. In essence, this cap symbolizes the joy of mezcal vibes in a unique and authentic manner. With its superb quality and exclusive design, it's perfect for personal indulgence or as a thoughtful gift for mezcal aficionados. Join our crew and carry a piece of the tranquil mezcal culture with this fantastic hat that celebrates the art of relaxation in a special way. 🌵🎩


Oct 19, 2023

Just got my tee from Unknown and I'm impressed. The design, highlighting Ibiza feels like a slice of Spain. The fabric's quality is solid too. A subtle way to show my love for travel. Excited to try more designs soon!


Oct 17, 2023

Received my Unknown tee featuring Velázquez's masterpiece. The design's a subtle nod to art and culture. Material's very good, and I appreciate the unique concept. A tasteful blend of style and appreciation for history.

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